The Milosport Snow Team



The Milosport Snow Team IS the team of all teams.  Featuring some of the very best riders in the world, the MILO SNOW TEAM is not only full of talent and style, but really good people who do really good things.  Beyond stoked to have them on our team and call them friends.



If MILO has a team captain, it would be Jer.  Since 1994, Jeremy has been on the MILO team, and we have been the better for it.  Throughout his amazing career, Jer has been a staple rep for MILO.  Through the early days of Rev Snowboards, to Forum, Burton, and now as an amazing brand ambassador for Nitro, Electric, Nixon, Destroyer, and Bolts, he has over achieved and been one of the best snowboarders in Utah, and frankly in the world.  Stoked to be a part of Jer’s amazing career!  Thanks man!


JP is an OG! He brought this street scene into snowboarding with his style and an untouchable bag of tricks. Being the first person to land a double cork, it’s easy to witness the impact JP has had on the progression of snowboarding.  Ripping since his teens, JP is about as legendary as they come, and he hasn’t stopped. Couldn’t be more psyched to back the DON!



Forrest is a rock star, not only in snowboarding, but in life.  One of the best humans ever, MILO is stoked to be able to call him a team member.  Forrest’s riding style is unrivaled, as is his bag of tricks, but what makes him so amazing is his attitude.  His never ending smile, and his passion for the outside are two things that we love to see when he walks in the doors.  Thanks dude!!



Sage Kotsenburg is from Park City, and grew up along side of the Lick the Cat crew. Something must have been in the water Sage was drinking, because he is a BEAST! Olympic gold medalist, but before that, an all around awesome dude, who really focuses on the fun behind snowboarding. After all… that’s why we do it in the first place right?

You can check Sage in Lick The Cat’s acclaimed full-length “Video of the Year” along with many other Milosport riders, employees, and family.



Power with finesse.  That comes to mind when you think of Bode.

Bode Merrill is a freak of nature. Whether he happens to be strapped in or going one-footed; Bode’s got arguably the deepest bag of tricks out of any rider out there.  One of the most talented boarders out, he takes down spots, jumps, AK lines, all while going bigger than most. Catch him at a variety of resorts here in UT, when he’s not on the road making magic happen.



Nils is definitely one of the best people to be around, ever.

He is a young gun, making his way to the top spot quick! A true cowboy, the kid is a ball of good energy, always chasing an adventure, with little time wasted. A role model and all around great human, Nils is on a sick one. In 2017 Nils received Transworld’s “Standout Performance of the Year” after recording the fastest time in the men’s pro category as well as the switch race at Mt. Bakers Legendary Banked Slalom as well as filming a barn-burner of a full-part for “Pepper”. Be sure to watch Nil’s do what he does best in LTC’s “Video of the Year”.



Dan Brisse has got his eye on spots nobody else would think touch while strapped in. Brisse has an addiction to airtime, and adrenaline, pair that with his snowboarding, and you get a very unique style. Making the move to Utah, but still holding onto his roots, Dan has ridden for some of the best companies in the industry.  Always pushing the limits, and always finding a way to go a bit bigger, Brisse continues to impress.  Stoked to share Dan with our homies at The Youth Shelter!



“I’ve always looked up to Sam, I would always follow him around as a little kid, trying to mimic his style. People are drawn to his genuine personality on and off his board. When you mix all around skill, with style and power, you get a master. Sam is a master”

-Jonas Harris



Spencer Schubert is the life of the party. Always on a mission to get a laugh or two, Spencer has a lot of fun while on his snowboard. Don’t let his little boy smile fool you, Spencer has a proper style in the streets. Although he’s got many years left in him, Spenny’s got quite the collection of video-parts already under his belt. If you havent seen him board, you can catch some of Spencer’s previous jibs as seen in Snowboarder Mags “Foreward”, 2032, Videograss “Visitors”, and most recently in LTC’s “Video of the Year” full-length flick.



Ted is one of the nicest and most-involved guys in snowboarding. He is a mastermind behind the multiple Bone Zones, rides as much as humanly possible, crushes it at Spedelli’s, has a custom pizza, films insane video parts, creates tons of web videos, and does it all with a humble attitude and a smile on his face. We are stoked to have Ted on the team as he has become a staple out here in Utah, as well as being an east coast hero. Keep your eye out for Bone Zone footage and his always unique video parts from Think Thank.




Nirvana Ortanez is a big inspiration for girl shredders or anyone of all ages. Having an all time style coming from being a local surfer in San Diego, you can see her ripping in the United Slopes of America web series. Find her riding up at Brighton during the winter and practicing yoga, editing videos, and working out of her garage/print house “Falling Leaf” during the summer.



A true East-Coast Powerhouse, Chris Beresford is a ripper and all around G! Owner of Dang Shades, if he’s not designing affordable eye wear you can catch him shredding Brighton or Mt. Hood. All around boss! Although he’s got many video parts and rail jam wins under his belt, Chris is just about as humble as they come and is always looking to help those around him.

Cheers Chris!



No one makes lanky look better than Blake. Commonly referred to as Bproddi, Blake can be found riding at his home mountain Jackson Hole, WY and flying around Utah’s various resorts. Blake has taken a page out of the book of Bryan Iguchi’s timeless style with a new-school set of tricks. With effortless style and a great work ethic, we’ll be seeing Bproddi footage for years to come. 



Max Warbington grew up around Bend, Oregon riding Mt. Bachelor. Max joined the Milo team in 2015 and we couldn’t be more stoked to support him. Max is one of the most passionate and talented snowboarders there is and it shows in his riding style. You can see Max ride in Think Thank’s The Weather Outside is Weather, Tre Squad edits, or up at his family’s farm is Tumalo, Oregon during the summer.




Most people feel comfortable just cruising around the resort, but it seems J-Mo is in his happy place hitting terrifying kinked rails in the street. Jordan has been a standout rider in the Wasatch for years. He crushed the Friday Night Jib Fight series, won countless other rail jams, has produced incredible edits at the resorts, and recently been putting together heavy street parts in some major videos.  Jordan is on a tear, and he doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.



Bend Oregon and Mt. Bachelor local, Gus Warbington joined the Milo team in 2015. Known for his legendary edge-control, G-Don has talent beyond his years while doing so with the smoothest and most creative riding styles around. Gus filmed a breakout video part for Rendered Useless and has continued to blow minds ever since.



Hailing from Southern California, its easy to see the surf and skate roots that go into her snowboarding. Since moving to Salt Lake City several years ago, it’s been a treat to see how her positive attitude and love of board-sports have allowed her to get on some heavy-hitting companies and crews. With sections in Snooze Global, United Slopes of America, and even Justin Bieber music videos; Jill’s already got quite the colorful resume under her belt.

So hyped to have you part of the family Jill!



Get you a team rider who can do both. Whether its with a rake in his hand at Brighton resort, on a street mission at home or abroad, or just skating around SLC you’d be hard-pressed to find Pat without a board. You’d never see a more relaxed individual do the hardest rail tricks casually in a line, while still on the clock as a digger up at Brighton.

Pat’s a certified G on the board and we’re happy to have him on both the skate and snow team for Milosport



A man well-accustomed to early mornings hiking along the Wasatch front, Griff embodies the phrase, “Earn your turns”.  Griffin Siebert has developed an untouchable style. In search of endless pow, Griff has found his niche in splitboarding in the Wasatch mountains. A Park City local, now gone viral with the art of his turn Griff approaches snowboarding in his own collective manner… and man can he tweak. Rumor has it, Griff once popped a rib out while doing a Japan…  

He is also Cal’s favorite snowboarder, but DON’T tell Grif.



Aaron Bittner is an OG Salt Lake ripper. With an aggressive style, Aaron goes huge, no matter what he’s riding. Bittner is an all around genuine dude, catch him up in PC taking some sunny laps.



Ozzy Henning, a Utah local, is one of the most stylish riders we have on our team. Not only is he one of the most gifted rail riders on earth, he is also a ripping skater with an eye for creative lines. Ozzy takes on the streets with a smile, laying down hammer after hammer. When he isn’t traveling, destroying spots, catch him ripping some pow up at Brighton.



Cale Zima is hilarious. His street style comes from the skate world, but his unique personality is out of this world. No matter what, Cale can make you laugh, or maybe even cry, you just never know. A Salt Lake local, Cale Zima is a hoot. Catch him ripping Brighton with the Milo boys every day of the week.



Brandon Hobush is a Brighton local, ripping rails, and demolishing the streets with ease. His snowboarding looks effortless, and his trick selection is heavy. All around an awesome dude.



You can catch Christian Hobush up at Brighton lacing up the kink rails, causally winning the local contests, and laying down hammers when he gets to lap. He lets no obstacle get in his way, with a full speed ahead sort of attitude.



Ben Bilodeau is a character. He is always laughing, smiling, and excited, whatever the situation may be. Whenever you ride with Ben you know you’re going to have a good time, and usually see something amazing go down. Impeccable style, and a unique approach to snowboarding makes it tons of fun to watch him ride. As a staple in the LTC crew and Adidas ripper, Ben always has content on the web so keep your eyes peeled!

Most recently, Ben dropped an instant classic in his section of the Adidas “Blender” project



Park City native, Blaze Kotsenburg has been a part of the Milo team for over 10 years. Blaze is best known for having some of the smoothest style on a snowboard. Blaze is also a talented spray paint artist, having done everything from snowboard graphics to painting the inside of the High Cascade Snowboard Camp bus. You can catch Blaze’s full part in the Lick The Cat movie or riding Brighton with the LTC crew.



Andrew Aldridge is one of the most unique snowboarders of our generation, this can be seen in his art and playing the drums in his band hot vodka. Check him out in the video “Rendered useless” and the upcoming “inner mind” movie. Being a Salt Lake resident, Andrew can be seen riding at Brighton, UT. When Andrews not stocking the shelves of Vantage with vintage skate/snow inspired clothing you can catch him riding around Brighton or in the mean streets of SLC both behind and in  front of the lens.



Hailing from the mean streets of Portland Maine, Justin has a unique take on both snow and skate spots. He keeps busy by hanging with his dog Red, ripping on a skateboard, and working in his shed. Chip is one of those people that make you want to be like them good enough to be on the Skate and Snow team. Catch him up at Brighton with the homies, or at Rose Park hangin' tough. 



Parker is a hard working, talented rider that has produced some very original and inspiring riding over the years. Check out his riding in the Think Thank videos!



Milo Snow Team

Jonas has put himself on the map ever since before he was a little guy. Growing up riding Snowbird with top notch riders in the Wasatch, he has the ability to ride any terrain, anywhere, anytime. Evolving into a style master, Jonas has pop and finesse for days. You can find him lapping Brighton on the regular, or hitting street spots alongside the Dustbox crew.


MILO Malkoski


From one of the best snowboarding families in the industry, we are super stoked to call MILO a MILO team rider!  Milo is one of the newest additions to the Milosport team, we are so stoked to have him on board. He is an all terrain savage, with old school style and an endless trick list. Keep your eye on this kid!



Watching Max grow into an amazing snowboarder has been a treat for the milo krew.  Talent, focus, and determination, and a great attitude will make Max successful for a long time.



Ripping snowboarder and a great friend. Trev is always willing to go out of his way to help out. You can catch him lapping Park City and Brighton with his big brother David, or out in the streets filming with friends.


Hailing from the mean streets of Park City, Xander quickly made a name for himself in the contest scene and has been solidifying it in the streets. Xander is usually kicking it with the bad boys of the "Grilled Cheese" snowboard crew and filming for various homie videos. With a great attitude and a solid head on his shoulders, the sky's the limit for this young gun!