The Milosport Skate Team



The Milosport Skate Team, featuring some of the best skaters in Utah and beyond.  This group not only can skate anything, but they are great people that help make MILO what it is.  The Skate Scene in Utah is alive and well.  


Mike Plumb, AKA Lizard King, is one of the wildest personality’s in skateboarding. Known for his antics, unusual yet gnarly trick selection, and a mean kickflip, Lizard has gained himself acclaim over the years. As a pro rider for both Deathwish and Supra, Lizard’s legacy will live on, and we are lucky to call him a team rider and friend of the shop. To see more, check his instagram @bigbizliz



Blake is one of those kids you can’t help but watch at the park. An ATV of street and transition, as well as a graphic designer for our shop decks, we are glad to call him a friend of the shop!




If you want to scare yourself skating, just follow Bergman around SLC for a day. After bombing the scariest hills in the Avenues, you'll find yourself at a street spot that Matt will causally destroy. Just another day for the Bergman.  



Cal Ross is a ripping street dawg, born and raised in Salt Lake City. Cal has a great attitude, and really just wants to go shred, where ever, whenever…parks, street, you name it he's there. The nicest dude in SLC, make sure to say what up if you see him shredding!


Mikey is a Salt Lake local, with sleepy style, and a massive trick selection. Find Mikey spending his summers in SLC, urban farming for non profit organizations, skating the local parks, and sniffing out local spots! Great human, and great skater!




The Battle Dog himself, Gabe has been holding down the SLC skate scene longer than most of our other team riders have been alive. That doesn't mean he's slowed down though, he probably still shreds harder than you. Catch Gabe shredding Rose on the daily, or maybe see him for the elusive Fairmont sesh. Regardless of where, the Battle Dog is always ready. 



Jeff Richards, a SLC legend in the making. This kid can really do it all; anyone who's seen him on a snowboard or skateboard understands, this dude has the spark. Mix it with the friendliest personality and solid work ethic, this dude helps keep the SLC scene alive and healthy. 



Whether its in Salt Lake City, Oregon, or Seattle no piece of coping is safe from Ashton. Not many people feel comfortable in 8 feet of transition, but for Ashton that sounds like a slice of heaven. He might be a hard dude to track down, but wherever he is, let him know we’ve got his back.




Paul may be quiet, but don’t let that fool you. Behind that quiet demeanor is a shredder, and everyone knows it. A local at both Fairmont and 9th & 9th skateparks, when he shows up people know that they’re in to see some good skating, whether it be some tech tricks on the quarterpipe or a wallie variation that’s never been done before. To see more of Paul, check out his instagram @pawlcurtis, or check his new store Vantage to pick up a fresh kit.



Tom is not only a great skater, he is a great human.  Tom is one of the original SLC skate legends, and has been on the scene, without anyone knowing, for a LONG time.  A great graphic artist, Tom is responsible for a lot of the MILO graphics over the years.  And he likes eating smoked salmon.  Thanks Tom for all you do for MILO!



John is a silent killer, all walk and no talk. Find him destroying big transition, blasting casual airs over your head, or in the streets gettin' down! Nothing but respect for this kid and his talent on board, we are excited for what the future has in store for John aka @nut.shirt on the gram.  


A smooth criminal on and off the board with the style to match! Scotty is one of the most consistent dudes you could hope to run into at the skatepark so it only made sense that we add him to the Milo Krew! You can see more of Scotty on the gram @scottypiffin , in numerous SLC homie videos, and most recently in Cal Ross' A Video Of My Friends Skating' on Vimeo. Lucky to know ya Scotty!


Coming from one of Salt Lake City's most legendary shred families, it's easy to see why Zole is one of the best up-and-coming vert skaters around. Zole's been a regular around Milo since he was a young buck, so it's no wonder he got good quick. When he's not raking asphalt, hanging in Bear Lake, or working on his truck, Fairmont park is his stomping ground. With an old-school bag of tricks and a new-school point of view, Zole's future is as bright as his belt buckles!
If you've ever had the pleasure of watching Big & Little Tuna rip around a skate park, you'd know why we've gotta have him on the team. From technical lines while hauling to hairball handrails, Tuna destroys whatever happens to be in front of him. You can catch Biggie in FTV's numerous videos, Hathenbruck, or most recently in the Adult Toy full length flick. Stoked to have you on board Tuna!