The History of Milosport

Utah’s Original Snowboard Shop

Since 1984, Milosport Snowboard Shop has been in the snowboarding game.  Dimitrije Milovich, for whom the name Milosport derives, was shaping snowboards in the late 1960’s, launching his famous Winterstick swallowtail in 1972.  Dimitrije was indeed a pioneer of the sport, gracing magazines such as Newsweek and Playboy.

In snowboarding history not one person started the sport, but four different individuals. During the 1970s and 1980s as snowboarding became more popular, pioneers such as Dimitrije Milovich (Winterstick Snowboards), Jake Burton Carpenter(founder of Burton Snowboards), Tom Sims (founder of Sims Snowboards), and Sherman Poppen (of Snurfer fame) came up with new designs for boards and mechanisms that slowly developed into the snowboards and other related equipment that we know today.

Salt Lake City has become the Hollywood of snowboarding, having more Pros, bros, and flows living here than anywhere else in the world.  Maybe it’s the powder, the proximity to the mountains, the liquor laws, or the history.  Not sure why but we welcome them to our mountains!

For over three decades, Milo has seen many changes.  Companies have come and gone, pros have come and gone, droughts, recessions, and the famous 2002 Olympics are all part of the Milosport history.  Through all of this, we have had, and continue to have, the best staff throughout all of snowboarding, the best team in all of snowboarding, and have truly been at the epicenter of this great sport.  We have experienced this while riding the greatest mountains in the world.  We are truly blessed.

So here’s the deal.  Because our staff is so good, and our experience so vast, we KNOW we can test and review Snowboard products with the best.  We can tap our own knowledge and call one of our many contacts if we have questions on specific products or technologies.  We will also invite select reps, sales managers and pros to post reviews on our site.  So check it out and drop some love!  Oh, and pray for snow, even in the summer time!