2019 Grassroots Flying Carpet 3D Pow Surfer in 150mm


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Don’t be fooled by the 140cm length. The 2019 Grassroots Flying Carpet 3D Pow Surfer in 140mm is packing serious volume from nose to tail. It has excellent floatation, agility and pop, making for a very playful and aggressive ride. Characteristics of this board create a high-speed ride that can hold speed well thru flats and mellow terrain. It’s traditional sidecut, length and light taper give this board a slightly more snowboard-like feel in the turns. But it’s high volume nose and extra waist width combined with our CDC 3-dimensional base make it feel as though it’s floating on air. Hence the name.

A versatile board for all around riding that would make an excellent start to a proper powsurf quiver. We’ve testing this board in a wide variety of snow conditions from mucky slush to light and dry powder and it’s handled beautifully. The Flying Carpet has a wide body, so it prefers depths over 5-6 inches but can still be ridden in shallower snow on mellower slopes. Performs well riding backwards but keep the switch turns light as the convex nose can be a little slippy when it becomes your tail while riding backwards.

Recommended for US mens boot sizes 9.5-13 and rider weights between 140-210 lbs (72-118kg).


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