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Spark R&D Splitboard Bindings for 2023


The crew at Spark R&D have been busy!  Based in Bozeman Montana, Spark continues to improve and innovate their product line for splitboarders around the world, all while keeping things simple.  

Buy the Spark R&D Arc ST Binding here!

Buy the Spark R&D Surge ST Binding here!

Here is a look at what they have in the works for 2023!

New Spark R&D Arc ST, Surge ST, Ibex ST

Spark has made some great updates to the Arc and Surge Bindings for 2023, introducing brand new asymmetric high backs, baseplate refinements and new ST tech. ST Tech stand for Smooth Touring. The names of the Arc and Surge will now be ARC ST, and SURGE ST, helping rippers understand the improvements and innovations.

ST innovations will also be seen on the Spark touring brackets, whammy bars, and Ibex crampons, using a manufacturing technique called over molding. This process allows Spark to inject plastic over the metal parts for the best combination of strength and smooth rotation. It’s something that Spark has been working on for several seasons.


New Spark R&D Unisex Binding Sizing

Continuing the simplify mindset, Spark has decided to combine the mens and womens sizing charts into one unisex structure, helping to make the bindings sized based on boot length and bulk. Here is a look;


Size US Mens US Womens Mondo
XS < 7 < 8 < 24.5
S 7 - 8.5 8 - 9.5 24.5 - 26
M 8.5 - 10.5 9.5 - 11.5 26 - 27.5
L 10.5 + 11.5 + 27.5 + 


This new sizing structure allows Spark to create awesome touring features that appeal to splitboarders everywhere, while focusing on the actual boot that you will use!


New Spark R&D Smooth Touring or ST 

Spark identified an opportunity to tweak how they make split board bindings.  They were able to improve the thermo plastic molding process, combining plastic injection with existing aluminum parts, which then created what is called 'over molding'. The Overmold plastic blend includes additives that will perform in cold weather, more durable, abrasion resistant, and even self lubricating. The innovative over molding process process allows for the creation of ST or Smooth Touring. Less friction mens less wear on the bindings and more results with less effort.


New Baseplate refinements

Here is a look at the baseplate refinements Spark has created.

  1. Partially filled side windows for increased durability, eliminating any weak points.

  2. Integrated detent for a stronger and longer lasting “snap” when locking into tour and ride mode, eliminating that single point of contact.

  3. Simplified toe ramp pivot geometry so you can removable ladders and adjusters more easily.

  4. Adjusted toe strap stop points for decreased forward rotation for XS, S and M sizes.  (the toe strap now fits better on smaller boots and won’t slip over your toe while touring).

  5. Narrowed the width and adjusted the stop points to accommodate the new ST whammy bar.

T1 Binding System

The T1 binding system from Spark R&D is the most recognizable, user-friendly, trusted and efficient splitboard system on the market.


New ST Whammy Bar

The all new ST Whammy Bar has a single fatty wire with a side arm lever. Overmolded slippery plastic sections allow you to switch easily from stowed, to low (12°), or to high (18°) climbing positions and back again while touring.  


New ST Touring Brackets & Snap Ramps

Bindings slide sideways into offset touring brackets and are locked into place with snap ramps. ST Touring Brackets feature overmolded thermoplastic bushings on the aluminum bases. Bracket mounting holes are slotted to compensate for the subtle differences in splitboard insert patterns.


New Asym Highback Design

Asym Rip ‘N’ Flip Highbacks feature all of the same great splitboard-specific features our original Rip ‘N’ Flip highbacks are known for, but now have been redesigned for improved ergonomics, mobility, and durability

New features

  • Asymmetrical design features individual left and right highbacks that slope inward matching the rider’s stance.
  • The upper section is flatter for improved lateral mobility.
  • More material at the base for increased longevity and durability.
  • Higher bottom edge won’t snag on boots with crampon welts or soles that wrap high on the heel.

Still awesome

  • Tool free micro-adjustable from 0° to 22° for complete customization of your forward lean angle.
  • Flippin’ FLAD toggles between your forward lean angle and -13° touring position for easy transitions.
  • Made with proprietary custom blended materials for improved strength and durability, while minimizing weight.
  • Minimalist goals meet precision design, no padding is needed, shaving weight without sacrificing comfort or performance.
  • Stiff where you need it toe-to-heel, yet torsionally flexible for improved mobility while riding. Stiffer for the Surge ST and less stiff for the Arc ST.
  • Lateral slots for our BD Touring Strap for greater edge control while skinning.


New T1 Heel Rest

The T1 Heel Rest catches the climbing wire in the 12° and 18° positions flawlessly


Puck Compatibility

When you are ready, slide the bindings on and snap the ramp down to ride. Flip the ramp up and slide the bindings off to remove. The most functional and intuitive way to attach your bindings to your board in ride mode.