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Vans Snowboarding

Milo has been carrying Vans snowboard boots since its conception in 1994.  The boot collection continues to bring new and fresh ideas to snowboarding.

Vans is synonymous with skateboarding and snowboarding. They produce some of the best footwear and have the best teams to boot. Since 1966, Vans has become one of the largest names in shoes and has set benchmarks for others to follow. It could be said that Vans are one of the original shoes in skateboarding and the choice of its most influential pioneers. Nowadays, there is a Vans shoe for everyone. Authentics and Eras are worn by people of all tastes and hobbies and with the syndicate and core skate lines are aimed towards those who wish to put their shoes to the test. For whatever use you need them for, Vans has a shoe for you.


vans skate signature team for milosnow


Snowboarding wise, Vans is still a top name. Like their shoes, there is a Vans boot out there for everyone. From Hi-Standards to Infuses, there’s a boot to match your style, no matter what! Like their shoes, Vans boots are made of high-quality materials. There’s no doubt they will last!
Vans snow team for milosnow
Overall, Vans is an awesome company because their roots are in the right place. Supporting skateboarding and snowboarding from the ground up, they are really doing things right. They are the OG skateboarding and snowboarding brand; and have the technology and legacy to prove it. Get back to the roots and try some Vans!